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Flight Simulator

Aerodium is the flight simulator - first vertical wind tunnel in Eastern Europe. It breaks gravity rules and allows you to fly with the help of newest technologies! The secret is capable of lifting a person in the air and letting them fly freely. Flying in Aerodium tunnel is a unique entertainment and challenge for own abilities. Flight simulator offers inexperienced opportunities, dynamics, and emotions.

Suitable footwear (no sandals or flip flops),
This activity does require a reasonable level of fitness,

Experience duration (door to door): 3 hours
Min amount: 2 people
Availability: from May till September

If you are taller than 2 meters and heavier than 140 kg or less 20 kg, cannot fly.
You will need to sign a disclaimer so make sure you are covered by your own travel insurance policy!

Price: 190.00 Euro/per person

Package includes:
Transfers (45 min one way);
Safety instructions and flight equipment;
Exercises before the flight;
2 minutes flight time.