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Jet Aircraft Flight

Aircraft L-39C is double- seat plane, therefore together with our pilot-instructor you can airborne in the sky and feel all sensations which are experienced by the pilot during performance of elements of aerobatics. The pilot will lead information discussion with the client about the flight program, will be inspected by the doctor about a state of health. The client will be told about planes L-39, manoeuvres of aerobatics which is planned to make, will provide information about basic laws of aerodynamics and main aircraft systems. Then client will take a seat in a cabin of the second pilot and instructor will show the basic airplane instruments those meanings and function, will explain an operations procedure in any unpredictable situations.    

All flight from the moment of take off until touchdown takes not less than 20 minutes. During flight almost all manoeuvres of aerobatics will be shown you: flanks, bends, the turns, the turned flight, a loop, a bell and others. Level of admissible g-forces is coordinated by the pilot depends of condition and mood of the client.  Client will be given the possibility to take aircraft control under supervision of the pilot.

After landing the memorable Certificate on flight fulfillment on L-39 is handed over to the client.

If you are taller than 2 meters and heavier than 110 kg, unfortunately you can not fly.
None of the party are intoxicated with alcohol.
You will need to sign a disclaimer so make sure you are covered by your own travel insurance policy.

Price: 2500.00 Euro/Per person

Package includes:
Transfers (return);
Safety instructions;
Flight with L-39C for 20 min
Certificate and video with your flight;
Experience duration (door to door): 4 hours
Min amount: 1 person (Price based on costs of 1 person)