History of Latvia

Riga Jewish Tour

Jewish sightseeing will take you to Riga Peitav Shul Synagogue, which is only one synagogue who Nazis didn’t burn down and remains the only one functioning synagogue in Riga. You will see the ruins of Choral synagogue and learn about Riga's Jewish community while visiting Jewish Ghetto Museum. 
Visit Rumbula (~ 15km), one of the biggest sites of mass killings of Jews in Europe. In November, 1941, the Nazi Administration decided to murder all the Jews imprisoned in the Riga Ghetto. 25,000 people, including about one thousand Jews deported from Germany, were shot in two waves on November 30 and December 8, 1941. Several hundred Jews from the Kaiserwald concentration camp who were used for exhuming and burning bodies were also killed here in 1944.
After Rumbula visit Bikernieku Forest - the site of the biggest mass murder and burial of victims of Nazi terror in Latvia. From 1941 to 1944, 35,000 people including Latvian and Western European Jews, Soviet prisoners of war and the Nazis’ political adversaries were killed here.
Visit the Zanis Lipke Museum which is dedicated to a brave man who saved more than 50 Jews from the Nazis during the Second World War by hiding them in a bunker under a shed.

Number of people

 Price (Euro)/per person

2 people

166 €

3 - 4 people

115 €

5 - 6 people

69 €

7 - 8 people

54 €

For more people, please request the price!
Duration: approx. 5 hours
Meeting point: pick up and drop off from/to hotel in city center
Price includes: guided tour, vehicle (40 km return)
Extra payment: entrance fees Peitav Shul Synagogue 5.00 EUR/per person, and donations at Jewish Ghetto, Zanis Lipke Museum
Guides: English, Russian, German