Adventure Park

Adventure Park includes many different obstacles, which are located in trees at different heights, up to 30m above the ground. There are many routes in Adventure park; every route has a different difficulty level – a suitable amusement can be chosen both for kids and exceptionally brave men. The obstacles include the bike, which is riding on a wire rope, snowboards, circus pulleys, alpinist walls, ”Flying flowerpots”, into nets and many other amusements. Supporters can use steps to follow, to take pictures and encourage their adventure lovers.
Almost all activities in the park are unique and extraordinary for Latvia, they provide unprecedented feelings, adventures, experiences and fun!

Min amount: 2 people
Availability: from May till November

Prior to entering the park, every visitor is being trained and passes through a training track under guidance of an instructor.
The person has to be of age in order to sign the park agreement. (Parents/teachers sign for children)
You will need to sign a disclaimer so make sure you are covered by your own travel insurance policy!

Package price: 109.00 Euro/per person

Price includes:
Transfers (30 min one-way);
Safety Instructions in the Adventure Park;
Entrance fee in the Adventure Park for 3 hours;
Special equipment is handed out to every visitor;
Service fee and taxes.