Keila-Joa Waterfall

There are two large and interesting waterfalls near Tallinn. One is Keila-Joa Waterfall which is 6 meters high and 60–70 meters wide. It is a part of a large park that has access to the sea and also has an abandoned manor. At the cliff outcrop hard limestone layers are exposed above softer layers of greenish sandstone and dark-brown argillites. The falling water has cut a steep and deep canyon-like valley to the limestone plateau during the retreat of the waterfall wall.

 Number of people

 Price (Euro)/per person

2 people

120 €

3 - 4 people

95 €

5 - 6 people

70 €

7 - 8 people

55 €

For more people, please request the price! 

Duration: approx. 2,5-3 hours        
Meeting point: Tallinn Old Town or pick up and drop off from/to hotel in Tallinn Old Town   
Price includes: guided tour, transportation       
Guides: English, Russian, German