Kadriorg Park and Pirita

The Kadriorg and Pirita districts are long-time favorites among locals and foreigners. Kadriorg is famed for its impressive baroque palace and park complex built by Peter I, as well as the Estonian President’s residence. Pirita attracts thousands from the city and beyond with its well-developed beach.
A trip to Tallinn isn’t complete without a visit to this magnificent northern baroque palace, built by Peter the Great for his wife, Catherine I, in 1718. Designed by Italian architect Niccolo Michetti, the grandiose palace and surrounding manicured gardens are a prime example of Czarist extravagance, but just as important a reason to visit is that it is also home to the foreign art collection.
The vast park surrounding Kadriorg Palace is without a doubt the best place in town for relaxed strolling, pigeon feeding and life pondering. It was set up in 1718 as part of the palace estate, but has always been open to the public. In spring and summer visitors can see beautiful, manicured gardens and flowerbeds, but most of the park has retained the look of the natural landscape.
Drive to Pirita district to discover the 1980 Olympic Games marina, the history of the St. Bridget’s Convent and gorgeous white-sand beach. The idea to found a convent in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, was initiated by some Tallinn merchants already in 1400. In early 15th century when Pirita convent was built, Tallinn (Reval) had started to benefit from its privileged situation as a monopolistic transit trade point between east and west. During that medieval building boom in Tallinn town wall was reconstructed and many new towers built.

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Duration: 2 hours        
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