Group Travel

If you have a group of friends or family that you spend a lot of time with, you may want to consider a group vacation. When you have ten or more friends or confederates travelling together, it is considered as "the group". When you book together, you'll have special "Group Togetherness" pleasure and joy. Baltic Travel Services specialize in expertly planning, arranging and coordinating all aspects of your group travel and tours to top destinations - Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and other Baltic Sea region countries.

Baltic Travel Services is dedicated to creating custom-made, unique travel experiences for groups with an emphasis on personal service. Our experienced and specially trained group sales specialists will assist you to create a vacation that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations, with assistance starting from initial query to departure and beyond. Baltic Travel Services agents are on duty daily to ensure that your group tours and arrangements go as planned. Our experience with a diverse customer base from across the world, means that we are able to find the right combination of quality and price for each market and client.
Some examples of our special interest tours:
  • Historical tours 
  • Cultural tours
  • Nature tours
  • Food tours
To get a quote for a specialized tour, please complete our online enquiry form which you will find under the exact tour or request it by e-mailing us at: info[@] We will respond within 48 hours.