Great performers work to achieve great incentive rewards. Travel is the top reward choice of incentive winners. A well designed and run incentive travel program is the most effective way to reward great performers, and encourage others to reach that level.
Baltic Travel Services specializes in organizing memorable incentive and team building events in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius for corporate and social groups. The Baltic states are an increasingly popular venue for team building, incentive groups and events thanks to excellent, inexpensive transport links to the rest of Europe, a sunny climate during the summers and white winters that allows for interesting outdoor activities all year round for competitive rates.
There are a wide variety of possible activities available including orienteering and treasure hunt challenges, horse riding, cycling, water sports, jeep tours, flight simulation, canyoning and rafting, hot air ballooning, kayaking, gokarting, paintball, race days, multi-activity days and much more.
Whether you are looking to stage a challenging exercise in group dynamics, an informal opportunity for participants to network and get to know each other, an annual incentive or celebration or just an exciting day we will tailor the events to your exact needs and budget. Baltic Travel Services serves everyone from small groups to multinational corporations.
We offer you and your team:

  • Team building activities;
  • Social get-togethers in scenic nature  or via sports events; 
  • New Year celebrations, company anniversaries or any other occasions;

Baltic Travel Services` experienced team will take care of every detail of the incentive program to make sure that it meets our clients` goals and requirements. E-mail us at info[@] to learn more about incentive travel  to Latvia, Estonia or Lithuania.

Here are a few of our most popular programs:

Back in the USSR – Pioneer Camp

This unique and amazing theme is very broad and can be customized to suit clients` wishes and budget. The event is about the “carefree life in the wonderful Soviet Union”, where genuine Soviet hospitality, catchy songs and strong drinks are brought together.
On arrival clients are escorted by special secret agents and greeting letter from General Secretary of the Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev! The Soviet Union is not imaginable without propaganda about the bright future and „must have” for everyone - pioneer summer camps!
After early morning arrival in the Adventure Park, clients have morning exercises and warm-up with marching, a short race, hands and hips practice, ten crouches etc. Divided in teams, the clients start competition in different disciplines to practice being focused, fast and punctual, to show their best skills and results, to overcome difficulties together and improve self management. A real Soviet pioneer camp is not complete without visiting the nurse and to measure weight and high and other important indicators. Activities in the nurse`s room together with summer bobsleigh rides with a speed up to 80 km/h will generate the wow-factor of the day.
During the „Cold War” the best thing for every pioneer is shooting! Clients get to feel the power of an AK 47 (Kalashnikow) and Glock pistol. The economic achievements of Soviet Union will be recognised by visiting an antique vehicle museum where Kremlin cars are displayed. Clients are trasferred to the museum in an authentic RAF bus produced in 1959 as their transfer vehicle. The self drive by 4x4 will give the necessary feeling of adrenaline.
There still are many remainders in Riga of the Soviet times! Get a Soviet view of Riga by visiting a "real" communal flat to see how people lived in Soviet times, and taste some typical Soviet food in the Central Market. Jump in to the time machine and travel back in the USSR!

Min amount: 10 pax
Availability: 1st of May – 1st of October

Necessary: comfortable clothing,
Players with asthma, claustrophobia syndrome and severe heart disease must inform the game managers on their health status.


In Search of the Holy Grail

A theme of 800 years of history - when knights fought as matter of honour, German Merchants chose Riga as their trading base and German Bishop Albert settled near the Baltic Sea for his Crusader campaign..
Upon arrival clients receive a message from the Master of the Livonian Knights` Order about the disappearance of the Holy Grail and the need to find it. Each team canoes on the beautiful Gauja River, which was one of the main trading routes in medieval times to the Baltic Sea. Pass obstacles in the trees from 2-16 meters high to find a medieval settlement for dinner and overnighting. The winning team can enjoy a free evening while the other teams perform medieval camp tasks – searching for fire wood and cooking trout soup for dinner. The group enjoys the trout soup, tasty local beer and a hot sauna.
Next day pass by historical houses to find the path to the impressive Cesis Medieval Castle, where using candlelight the clients follow signs to top of the castle tower where the fastest team will find the Holy Grail. The group then has a reception with the Master of the Sword Brothers Order in the castle garden with a medieval meal, games and beer degustation. Everybody can participate in various medieval disciplines of strength and dexterity an learn beautiful medieval dances! Enjoy a delicious dinner by candlelight in the medieval-style restaurant. The journey over eight centuries is completed by visiting the most remarkable sights of Riga Old Town and sailing with a historical sailing ship on the River Daugava.

Min amount: 16 pax
Availability: 1st of May - 1st of October

Necessary: comfortable clothing.


Cesis Castle RuinsOn The Path of Holy GrailGodesverde - Living Camp of Middle AgesCanoeing in Gauja RiverSelf Made Meal on FireFight of Livonian Order Knights Dances in Middle AgesMeal of Middle AgesThe Oldest Living House Complex  in Riga


Gentlemen’s Package

Enjoy a James Bond lifestyle by arriving with a limousine, gambling in a casino, shooting powerful weapons, having an off-road race, exploring private aircraft flight, preparing sophisticated cocktails for ladies and experiencing colourful nightlife..
A trendy limousine with welcome cocktails will take you around the city while the best suggestions and useful information about the cosiest cafes, favourite restaurants, the most attractive bars and nightclubs will be provided. Riga nightlife is deservedly considered amongst the best in Eastern Europe. Have a delicious dinner in a restaurant as well as VIP entrance and welcome drink in a casino, where gaming tables with the most popular table games await you – American Roulette, Black Jack, OASIS Poker, Draw Poker, Texas Hold'em Poker, ultimate Texas Hold'em Poker and Poker tables, as well as the latest and most advanced gaming machines!
Discover the complex relationship between men and guns. Experience the power and of AK 47 Kalashnikov, Glock, 357 Magnum and pump action shotguns. Use this opportunity to shoot truly powerful weapons once in your lifetime. Show off your driving skills by enjoying a 4x4 off-road race with fast turns, muddy rises and narrow forest roads.
Adrenaline and adventure are man's best friends. Activities depend on the season and weather conditions:

     Speedboat racing;
     Snowmobile safari;
     Bobsleigh ride;
     Flight with small aircraft 2-4 people

During a delicious lunch in one of the famous restaurants of the city, learn how to impress ladies with sophisticated cocktails – as gentlemen will be trained to prepare the most popular cocktails by professional bar-tenders.

Min amount: 6 pax
Availability: all year round

For some activities you may need to sign a disclaimer so make sure you are covered by your own travel insurance policy.

Ice Break 

Fancy an incentive trip and motivation program in winter? Experience white sensations and train your dexterity, rate of reaction and tactical thinking by taking part in ice-football game and different team building activities on the ice! 
Divided in teams, clients start an amazing ice-football competition to practice determination, punctuality, and speed. Improve your working skills as the team member.   
For those who prefer to watch the game there is a hot sauna with excellent views of the ice ground. 
Winter bobsleigh rides in a real winter bob with the speed of 100 km/h through 16 curves will generate an unforgettable wow-effect.
The program includes Riga Old Town sightseeing with degustation of the traditional alcoholic drink Riga Black Balsam which was the favourite drink of Empress Catherine the Great of Russia. Riga Black Balsam consists of 24 different plants, flowers, buds, juices, roots, oils and berries, and is used as traditional medicine after caching cold.

Min amount: 10 pax
Availability: from 1st of November – 30th of April

Necessary: comfortable, warm clothing.
Provide a form of identification card or passport.

Ladies Only - Feel Like a Diva!

Theme is care, relaxation and excitement. Every woman wants to feel important, to be served and to be taken care of.. Upon arrival sparkling champagne and a shiny limousine await the ladies. After checking in to the hotel, enjoy a delicious meal then visit a hand-made chocolate factory and have a chocolate degustation. Enjoy peaceful relaxation session with a tender massage, sauna and herbal tea in one of the best spa and wellness centres in town. 
Every woman dreams of being a Diva! The morning starts with a training program for a beautiful body, walking and movements which will highlight every aspect of your personality. The cut-walk experts will teach graceful red carpet walking then afterwards the secrets of sexy, teasing dance movements will be discovered together with an experienced dance teacher. After a successful workout, a delicious meal will be enjoyed together with cocktail classes in one of the best restaurants in the city where the ladies will learn how to correctly prepare 2 – 3 cocktails to impress their friends. In the afternoon learn about the best colours, styles and dress codes to highlight your personality and impress family, friends and colleagues. The evening is dedicated to fun and tasty cocktails while enjoying views of the city from the 26th floor. Greet the morning with wild dancing in nightclubs.
After morning yoga lessons and relaxation in the sauna a team of professionals will add the final touches for a perfect outlook. 
An experienced make up artist, hairdresser and stylist will make every woman feel beautiful, sexy and confident while a professional photographer will take the best shoots in each Diva`s life to make this event one to remember for a long time.

Min amount: 6 pax
Availability: all year round

Secret Agents and Object X

An adventures game for active and adventures people who are not afraid to go on a secret mission saving the planet from disaster and get an adrenaline rush in a historic 2000 m2  Soviet bunker nine meters underground..
A secret unit of the Soviet army codenamed „Eighth management” hides scientific researches and intends to conduct unknown experiments. The secret „Object X” is lost and an alert is announced. The mission for the secret agents is to find „Object X” using hidden signs, coded information, spying skills in smoky darkness and clues left in the bunker by double agents. When „Object X” is found and safely delivered, the mission is concluded.
The Secret Soviet Bunker under the codename „Nursing Home” or „vacation hotel” is well-equipped facility, whose secrecy grading was removed only in 2003. The bunker was built for the needs of the political and elite in the 1980`s for state administration and to manage the country in case of nuclear war.
The secret agents will see different plans and projections about what would happen in case of  war - dams of all hydropower stations being destroyed, which territories would be under water and how that would affect large towns. The secret agents will pass rooms with autonomous electrical stations with diesel generators and fuel reservoirs; they will sense how conditioning equipment for air purification is working.
During the game the agents will pass special telecommunication rooms and units that secured direct communication with the Kremlin, books by Marx, Lenin, Brezhnev and other Soviet politicians and Soviet memorabilia, household and daily items.
After concluding the task and finding “Object X”, the secret agents will be invited to a celebration meal in the bunker`s canteen with a typical Soviet menu.

Min amount: 10 pax
Availability: all year round

Necessary: comfortable clothing
Players with asthma, claustrophobia syndrome and severe heart disease must inform the game managers on their health status.

Escape From the USSR

This extreme and scary experience for brave and adventurous souls which will take you 25 years into the past, to learn about or remember about the era of Soviet occupation. All participants are actively involved – creating ideas, making decisions, helping their peers, feeling the emotions, running, hiding..
Many people out of ex Soviet countries as well as new the generation might find it hard to fully grasp the idea that for Soviet citizens to legally get out of the USSR was almost impossible.  For those who could not accept living under the Soviet regime, all sorts of creative ideas came to mind to illegally escape the USSR.  But for the most part, these attempts were unsuccessful.
The game takes place in the Naval Port prison or guardhouse on the border zone of the former Union of Socialist Soviet Republic (USSR) which during that time was strictly controlled. Every evening, the beaches were raked so that in the morning the footprints of anyone trying to escape would be visible for the guards.
The mission is to work as a team to cross a number of obstacles, find a colleague who is not able to get to safety alone and together get in the safety zone at the submarine. In the Soviet border zone it is vital to be silent and move unnoticed.  If one of the team members is noticed by a border guard, an alarm will sound and the operation will be considered a failure and incomplete.
The teamwork - helping one another - is the name of the game, which makes it as a great team building element. 
The Naval Port prison or guardhouse was erected about 1900 and served as a place where military persons served terms for breach of discipline until 1997. It was a place to break people will and suppress their freedom. Mysterious and inexplicable things have been noticed in the guardhouse: the rapping of footsteps, electrical bulbs that unscrew themselves, unaccounted for opening of closed cell doors.

Min amount: 5 pax
Availability: from 1st of May – 1st of October

Necessary: comfortable clothing, which can get dirty. Wear old sneakers or boots that you won’t be sorry to get muddy or wet if the situation arises...
If participants suffer from asthma, claustrophobia or other disorders that may affect performance in the game,  we ask that the organisers be informed in advance.
Each participant is asked to sign a waiver form that acknowledges that they are responsible for their own safety, are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and will care for the supplies and equipment provided during the game.

Back in the USSR – VIP

The luxury version of the theme - Back in the USSR. In the Soviet Union regular relaxation and entertainment always played an important role in the life of the first General Secretary and other high ranking persons in between political discussions and decisions. 
The distinguished guests are greeted by the pride of Soviet engineering - Volga car, which transfers clients to their hotel, where guests are welcomed by "zakuska" or in other words Soviet snack specialities. After a brief introduction with the program, delegates will visit the Riga Motor Museum to see proof of great economic achievements of the Soviet Union and the diversity of local vehicle brands in various modifications – “Moskvich”, “Pobeda”, “Zaparozhec”, “Volga”, “Chaika”, “Zims” and first  “Zhiguli”. 
During the „Cold War” the best thing for every Soviet citizen and politician is shooting. Clients will get to feel the power of an AK 47 (Kalashnikow) and Glock pistol.
Sixteen curves and an average speed of 80 km/h on a 1000 metre track will create the adventure for the day on summer or winter bobsleigh rides. After that dose of adrenaline VIP politicians of the USSR will have a meeting in a secret nuclear underground bunker nine meters under the surface to discus future steps of management. The meeting concludes with a typical soviet meal served in the underground bunker and relaxation in a sauna.
The visit of high delegates concludes with hunting session in More parish, where more than 300 animals - red deer, fallow deer, white colour red deer and wild boars live on 170 hectares. Delegates will have lunch by tasting delicious deer meat dishes in the farm. 

Delegates will return to the capital with impressive, luxurious Soviet-style memories. 

Min amount: 5 pax
Availability: all year round

Necessary: comfortable clothing